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Tax Resolution Attorneys in Salt Lake County

You just found out some unsettling news: The IRS is after you for back taxes. They say you have unfiled returns. If you don’t come up with a significant amount of money before their set deadline, you’re going to face some stiff penalties.

You’re confused, frightened, and just plain stressed out, with no idea what to do next.

Fortunately, the tax resolution attorneys at McClure & Stewart Tax Resolutions handle these types of situations every day. We understand that facing the IRS without a tax lawyer’s guidance and support can be overwhelming, so we work hard to resolve your tax problems while providing you with peace of mind.

Contact Salt Lake County’s premier tax law firm to find out more about our tax relief services or to schedule a free consultation with our tax attorneys. The IRS won’t wait for you, and they won’t forget your debt. Act now to find tax relief! Our attorneys look forward to serving you.

Why Do You Need A Tax Resolution Attorney?

To the IRS, a powerful government agency whose sole purpose is to collect taxes, your unpaid taxes are serious business. They are going to hold you accountable for back taxes, regardless of your circumstances or financial situation, and they’re not going to just let you off the hook if you say you can’t pay. Negotiating a settlement can be a complicated, time-consuming process, and trust us: It’s not a challenge you want to take on by yourself.

Just as you would hire an experienced professional accountant to help you file taxes, you need an experienced attorney to help you seek tax relief. You need an attorney who understands tax law and has a proven track record of successfully negotiating with the IRS. You need a tax lawyer who’s not afraid to argue on your behalf in tax court, and who won’t back off until your burden has been eased.

Erin McClure and Shauna Stewart are leading tax resolution attorneys in Salt Lake County because of their knowledge, skill, and tenacity as lawyers, but also because of their compassionate approach to clients. They care enough to get to know you personally and assess the specifics of your case. They won’t promise results they can’t deliver, and they’ll stay by your side, step by step, until a resolution is reached!

Our Process

When you call upon McClure & Stewart Tax Resolutions to help resolve your case, our tax attorneys work with the IRS on your behalf, covering every base to make sure you achieve a favorable outcome. Our clients can expect to go through the following five-step process:

  • Free 30-minute consultation with a tax law attorney
  • Thorough tax analysis and investigation
  • Compliance reporting and assessment of tax relief options
  • Development of defense strategies and case resolution
  • Representation in tax court, if necessary

We will use this process to pursue favorable outcomes for clients in Salt Lake County and the surrounding region. From our home base in Murray, UT, to Draper to West Valley City to Holladay and everywhere in between, residents of the Salt Lake City region can kiss their tax troubles goodbye when they walk through the doors of our firm.

Call Salt Lake County’s Leading Tax Resolution Attorneys Today!

With McClure & Stewart Tax Resolutions, getting started on the road to tax relief is simple. All you have to do is call us and schedule a free, no-obligation, face-to-face consultation at our tax law firm in Murray, right in the heart of Salt Lake County. Just 30 minutes with an experienced tax resolution attorney is enough to start plotting the proper course of action to get your life back on track.

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