Summit County

Experienced Tax Attorneys Who Serve Summit County

Tax season is a stressful time for most Americans, but it is even more stressful when the IRS is performing an audit or has ordered the repayment of back taxes. When it comes to taxes, the government will stop at nothing to get what it is owed, and if you live in Summit County, UT, and are under audit or have any tax-related difficulties, it is crucial to call the experienced tax attorneys at McClure & Stewart Tax Resolutions for assistance. We are a firm of highly-rated tax resolution attorneys providing excellent tax relief services from Park City to Woodland. We can help get your tax problems solved and the IRS off your back!

Our Tax Attorneys’ Resolution Solution

At McClure & Stewart Tax Resolutions, we understand how complicated taxes can be, and we also recognize that everyone’s struggles are unique to them; therefore, our tax attorneys and IRS lawyers craft successful tax resolution processes to meet every need.

Free Consultation

All of our clients first meet our IRS attorneys face-to-face for a free, no-obligation, half-hour consultation. At this meeting, we will discuss your tax difficulties and financial circumstances and determine how our tax lawyers can best defend your case. Unlike impersonal national tax relief services, we do not blindly promise results to Summit County residents and businesses that may not come to fruition. Instead, our tax attorneys listen to your case and advise you on the next steps for no charge. We will then let you know if we know we can help you before we begin discussing strategy.

Investigation of Records & Compliance Work

When we have determined that our tax relief services would be beneficial to your case, we immediately start collecting vast amounts of records from the IRS about you or your Summit County business. We then assess your records, fix inaccuracies, fill in any gaps, and achieve compliance before moving forward. At this point, our IRS attorneys would become the points-of-contact for the IRS and state tax agencies, so you would no longer have to endure their calls and warnings.


Every client’s needs and circumstances are different, so some defense strategies work better than others, depending on those unique factors. Fortunately, our tax lawyers are skilled in developing successful defense strategies and executing them skillfully to resolve any outstanding issues — preferably outside of court. If a settlement or solution is not reached, our team of tax attorneys are also qualified and prepared to defend you in tax court and work diligently for the best outcome possible.

Tax Resolution Strategies

Our tax resolution attorneys who serve Summit County, UT, only use defense strategies that they are confident will help get you what you need from the process. Some strategies include:

  • Installment Agreements for Debts over or under $25,000
  • Business Strategies
  • Penalty Abatement
  • Appeals
  • Bankruptcy
  • And many others

Our IRS lawyers and tax relief attorneys are committed to assisting our clients in every way they can to resolve back taxes, comply with the IRS, and reach a solution that works best for them. However, when those solutions can’t be reached outside of tax court, our experienced litigation team will vigorously defend our Summit County clients.

At McClure & Stewart Tax Resolutions, our primary goal is to help our clients, and that is just what our tax attorneys are prepared to do! Call our tax relief attorneys today to learn more about your tax situation and how they can help.