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The Leading Tax Attorneys in Utah County

There’s nothing quite as heart-wrenching as finding a letter from the IRS sitting in your mailbox. Your mind immediately starts spinning — how much do you owe in back taxes? Do you have the resources to resolve this dilemma? Should you hire a lawyer? We know that you have one million questions you need answers to, but don’t go into full-blown panic mode. Take a moment to remember that you have experienced tax attorneys in your area, ready to help.

When you’re looking for confident tax attorneys, willing to fight for you against the vicious IRS, turn to McClure & Stewart Tax Resolutions. Erin McClure and Shauna Stewart have years of experience working in the courtrooms of Salt Lake County, winning cases for their clients. The expertise and tenacity they bring to the table are two of the many reasons why they are the tough advocates you want as your tax lawyers. Find out why McClure and Stewart are Utah County’s top tax resolution attorneys by letting us handle your case. Schedule a free consultation now!

Trouble with the IRS? You Need Utah County’s Best Tax Attorneys on Your Side

As experienced IRS attorneys, we’ve seen thousands of cases over the years. What we’ve learned is that tax troubles don’t go away on their own. That’s why we have developed a resolution plan that we customize for each client. Take a look below to learn more.

Initial Consultation

Picking a tax lawyer you can trust is an incredibly important step in getting the quality services you deserve. A free, no-obligation initial consultation is available to all parties interested in our tax relief services. During this 30-minute session, you can speak freely about your tax situation with one of our patient and compassionate tax attorneys. You'll get our honest and professional opinion on what your next steps should be.

Tax Analysis Investigation

When you choose us as your tax relief attorneys, your case automatically becomes our top priority. The first step in our tax analysis investigation process is to gather all the necessary IRS records pertaining to your case. We’ll pick through each file with a fine-tooth comb to sort out any discrepancies and inaccuracies that we find. Before you know it, your tax attorney will bring you to compliance and get the IRS attorney off your back.

Tax Defense Strategies

A unique tax situation requires a unique tax defense. Our tax relief attorneys understand this better than anyone, which is why we strongly believe in providing our clients with customized solutions. Your tax attorney will analyze your tax position and diligently work toward a positive resolution.

Contact Utah County’s Tax Relief Attorneys Today!

When the IRS comes knocking on your door, you need a skilled and fearless tax attorney to fight for you. That’s what we do at McClure & Stewart Tax Resolutions. From the moment you walk into our office to review your tax relief options until you reach a resolution with the IRS, we guarantee we’ll be by your side every step of the way. It’s our dedication to our clients that have made us the trusted tax attorneys of Utah County.

Reach out to one of our tax relief attorneys to schedule your free initial consultation today.