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One of the most stressful times of the year is tax season, and when the IRS is breathing down your neck and demanding back taxes, the stress hits an even higher level. IRS audits, increasing interest rates, steep penalties, and other tax problems have the potential to unravel your life and cause you to always look over your shoulder. Fortunately, the tax relief attorneys at McClure & Stewart Tax Resolutions near Washington County, UT, are always ready to help. Our tax defense firm and IRS lawyers are dedicated to client success and satisfaction, so we only take the cases with which we know we can help. Our defense strategies are crafted to meet your individual needs and circumstances.

What We Can Do For You

Our tax relief attorneys have helped residents and businesses in Washington County appease the IRS, get out of tax debt, and move on with their lives and day-to-day operations. Our tax relief options and services are flexible and have achieved favorable results for our clients. Here is what our tax resolution attorneys can offer you:

Free 30-Minute Consultation

Unlike many other firms, we meet all of our potential clients face-to-face for an initial consultation, and we do not charge them a penny. In this meeting, you and our tax relief attorneys will discuss your financial situation and tax issues. We will then determine whether or not our tax relief services can help resolve your case. Our tax lawyers are committed to our clients, so we don’t over-promising solutions and only take cases where we can help. After our free conversation, we will begin to build your defense!

Tax Investigations

Any well-built defense starts with gathering information and due diligence, and the case we will craft for you is no exception. Our IRS attorneys will request and assess all the information and records about you or your Washington County business held by the IRS. We will locate and remediate inaccuracies, fill in the blanks, and get your taxes up-to-date and in compliance. From there, the tax attorneys will become the contacts for the IRS and state tax representatives. No more calls and worrying letters!

Resolution Options

At McClure & Stewart Tax Resolutions, your case’s success is our priority, so after our no-obligation consultation, our tax relief attorneys will perform the necessary compliance services and draft up a strong defense strategy. We will discuss all the defense options with you and find the defense strategy that best suits your case. Some of our tax defense strategies include offer-in-compromise, installment agreements, penalty abatement, and IRS appeals.

Our tax attorneys understand that not all cases and situations are the same, which is why they place all viable defenses on the table and work with you to find the right one. Although many cases are settled out of court, some will require a hearing at tax court. Our tax resolution attorneys near Washington County are skilled at negotiation and are prepared to represent you in court. They will work hard to achieve a settlement or another resolution that works for you.

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Our IRS attorneys are known for their expertise in tax debt. They are ready to use their skills and experience to help defend the residents and businesses of Washington County, UT, from IRS audits, back tax demands, and more. For more information, contact our tax relief attorneys today!