Tax Analysis Investigation

A big part of knowing what to do next, is knowing where you came from, and where you stand today. At McClure & Stewart our Utah Tax Attorneys understand that knowledge is power, and we believe in packing a punch.

As part of our tax resolution services, we do massive data collection. We request and assess all relevant records held by the IRS regarding you or your business.

What Our Investigation Brings to the Table

Our tax resolution services are designed to help you get past this challenge and move on with your life. We have developed a resolution process that helps you understand every step of the way how we can help you achieve IRS tax resolution. These steps are:

  • Peace of mind. The first step in our data collection is filing our power of attorney with the IRS and the State. This means we step between you and the IRS as the primary point of contact. No more calls, mail, or personal contact with the tax agencies or their representatives.
  • Information. Our tax attorneys compile a year-by-year analysis of your standing with the IRS. We know how much you owe, if your account is in active collection status, what statute of limitations are at play, and much more.
  • Understanding for our clients. After compiling the necessary and relevant data, we explain it to you. You have a right to know and understand what is going on with your taxes and we break it down for you step-by-step.

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