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Back Taxes Never go Away on Their Own

If the IRS is knocking on your door, our Tax Resolution Team can help you find relief- fast!

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What We Do

If you owe back taxes, are under audit, have unfiled returns, high penalties and interest, or other tax related issues, McClure & Stewart is your Tax Defense Firm. We analyze each client’s position with the IRS and state tax agencies to determine the defense strategy best suited for that client’s specific facts and circumstances. Our Attorneys then represent our clients before the IRS and state taxing agencies, utilizing the individualized defense strategy developed by our team, in order to secure a successful long-term resolution.  

Why Choose Us

McClure & Stewart is a local Tax Defense Firm that genuinely cares about our clients. Located in Murray, UT, our tax attorneys like to meet and get to know each of our clients face-to-face. We won’t over-promise results or leave you feeling isolated. We only take cases where we know we can help and we will prioritize open and responsive lines of communication. Because our practice focuses solely on tax resolution, we negotiate, argue and collaborate with the IRS daily.  Which means, our clients get the most sophisticated and successful defense strategies to resolve their case. In other words, we are local, we care, and we are ready to fight for your peace of mind.


Our Resolution Plan


Initial Consultation

Our team has the expertise necessary to make this process as seamless as possible. We offer a free, no-obligation, 30-minute consultation where you meet with us personally and discuss your circumstances.

McClure and Stewart Tax Resolutions

Investigation & Compliance

As part of resolution, we do massive data collection. We request and assess all relevant records held by the IRS regarding you or your business. We then fill any informational gaps or inaccuracies to bring you into compliance.



Each client’s facts and circumstances are unique, so not all defense strategies are appropriate. Together we decide which Tax Defense Strategy is best for you and execute that plan to successfully solve the problem.