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Roadmap to Resolution


Free Initial Consultation

Let us get to know you and your situation. We invite you to our office for a free 30-minute initial consultation interview. During that consultation you will meet with an attorney and assess where you are in the collection process and determine if we are a good fit for you.

McClure and Stewart Tax Resolutions


Tax Analysis Investigation

Peace of mind and data collection. First, we step between you and the IRS as the primary point of contact. No more calls, mail or personal contact with the IRS. Next, we do a full review of your entire IRS file. We will have a complete year-by-year accounting of what you owe the IRS and why.


Compliance and Tax Preparation

The IRS will not talk settlement options unless and until the taxpayer is compliant. Our CPAs bring you into reporting compliance and review and complete all the necessary tax preparation for settlement. Lastly, you meet with our team again for full financial review of your individual situation and discuss the collection alternatives.

McClure and Stewart Tax Resolutions


Collection Alternative Determination

After a full financial review of your information, together we will decide how best to resolve your individual situation and execute that plan. These Collection Alternatives may include:

  • Offer in Compromise
  • Installment Agreement for Owing $25,000 or Less
  • Installment Agreement for Owing $25,000 Plus
  • Business Offer in Compromise
  • Business Strategies or Wind Down Strategies
  • Currently Non-Collectible
  • Injured Spouse/ Innocent Spouse
  • Penalty Abatement
  • Bankruptcy
  • IRS Appeals


Federal Tax Court Representation

When the other settlement options are exhausted, we’ll have your back in court. Our Attorneys are experienced courtroom litigators who will zealously represent you in Tax Court through final adjudication.

McClure and Stewart Tax Resolutions
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